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The Weber Genesis E-310 Black Natural Gas Grill - A Short Review

If you are in the market for a new natural gas grill, you may have noticed the Weber Genesis E-310 black natural gas grill. While this grill is a little pricy, it has some features that you cannot find on any other grill on the market. While most other grill manufacturers put more options on their grill that many people will probably never use, Weber is committed to keeping their grills simple and built to last. This makes any Weber grill a great choice for many people.

One of the nicest things about having a natural gas grill is that you do not have to run to the store to fill up the tank like you would on a liquid propane grill. I always hated that about LP grills. You would get ready to grill something then find out you where almost out of propane. You would then have to go to the store and waist time and money filling up your tank before you could eat. With a natural gas grill, as long as you already have the hookups, you can enjoy never having to run out of gas again.

If you are worried about fuel consumption, you should know that the genesis E-310 is very efficient on gas, but at the same time cranks out a lot of heat. The 3 independent burners help out with this and heat up the grill quickly so you do not have to wait around before you can start cooking. The burners are stainless steel and will last a while, but you will eventually need to replace them down the road. Buying a grill cover can help to prolong the life of the burners and the grill in general so it will last you a long time.

Since the burners are independently controlled, you can easily shut off one side of the grill when you are cooking indirectly. This is probably my favorite feature of this grill because you can slow roast a large ham or chicken so it comes out perfect. Since the temperature stays pretty consistent inside, you will not have to worry about using up a lot of gas when grilling indirectly for hours and your meat will come out evenly cooked. This is a big plus for a grill because not to many people like a thick black crust on their food.

One thing that Weber did for the 2011 model year was switch around the burner knobs. They used to be located on the side table of the grill for the longest time but are now on the front of the grill giving you more room on the side table to work on. This is a great help because you could not put a large plate of burgers or steaks down without first brining over another table. Since the E-310 does not have a side burner like the other genesis grills, there is nothing to get in your way when you are in the middle of grilling and looking for a place to set your food down.

So as you can see the Weber Genesis E-310 black natural gas grill is a great buy if you can afford to spend the money on it. It is well built and will last for many years to come and in fact it may be the last grill you buy for the next 10 years or so. There are not many grill manufacturers who can make a quality grill these days and you probably do not want to buy a grill that is just going to rust and fall apart after a few years so it makes sense to spend the money on a Weber.
Jason Ericson is a writer and reviewer of all of the most popular grills on the market. You can find out more about the Weber Genesis E-310 black natural gas grill on his website at http://www.homegrillreviews.com
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